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About my parkour

Finding Inspiration? Direction? Trust?

My journey started when I realized death at about six years old

I was then in search of truth, meaning, and divinity

-grew up in québec city, my dad who was a very progressive man was interested in yoga, pilates, essential oils, and so much more. I attended my first yoga class at 14.

-Started traveling with a bag pack at 15

-Took refuge in Vajryana Buddhism with Chokyi Nyima rinpoche in bodanath Nepal at the age of 19 (I took on the name of Kunsang Chödron/ Ever Excellent Lamp of Dharma)

-At that time I also attended my first 10 days Vipassana silent retreat

-Obtained my basic and advanced yoga teacher trainings with the Sivananda Ashrams in Quebec and the Bahamas (also took on the name of Siva Kami/ the one who adores Siva (god of destruction and reproduction)

-Attended an advanced Sadhana intensive (pranayama, meditation, asanas)

-I have been practising daily ashtanga, Hatha, kundalini, pranayama and now also consider Crossfit as part of my spiritual practice

-Obtained a bachelor degree in cultural studies and eastern philosophies (Trent University and Kansai Gaidai University), a master in Counselling psychology (Athabasca university)

-Pursued the studies of many interests that promote wholistic wellness: communication, journalism, visual arts, expressive arts, Rolfing structural integration, craniosacral work, Hakomi, right use of power, advanced psychedelic assisted therapy, somatic experiencing (diplomas and certificates in universities and colleges (Quebec, Vancouver, Boulder, Sidney, Munich)

-i have been in psychedelic-assisted training and envisioning since 7 years.

-In terms of the psychology field, I was trained with CBT, DBT, EMDR, IFS (with Derek Scott and Adler university) and more recently with SE

-i was the program director for Yukon Mental Health Association and we did the steps to create CMHA-Yukon. At the time I was facilitating several mental health courses with CBT in schools, communities, various YG branches, first mental health videoconference course in the territory.

-Worked 6 months at MWSU in treatment setting and learnt to make use of DBT

-Took various supervision courses and trainings (CCPA + Lethbridge university)

-Personally, i have grown tremendously in a 22 years relationship, as a mother of 3, and as a Yukoner living in the same community since 32 years 

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Grace          Space  

Grace Space is my second offering to the community. I used to have Shanti Yoga before having kids and felt called in a dream to have another space and was told to name it Grace Space.

I am thankful for all those who use the space to cultivate a higher vibrancy, the plants are noticeably also very thankful!

Meet The Team

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