Schedule, Classes & Fees

Fall Classes 2019

8 punch card $100


Drop-in: $15 (1 hour) / $18 (1.5 hour)

*** Although drop-in allows you to keep a fluid schedule, punch cards or pre-registered classes

gets you committed, engaged,

and allows us to journey with you

and better attend your personal needs

and help you meet your goals! 

Teachers & CLASSES descriptions

I have been teaching for close to 20 years, i love bringing the best out of students. I see my students potential and guide them towards their self-realization.: their sense of who they are and their sense of the world we live in. I am fascinated by the relationship of our mental, physical, emotional, astral and psychic dimensions.

I believe in assisting students finding balance within themselves, between their yin and yang energy (feminine and masculine), helping them integrate prana and apana, finding harmony between their desires or drives and acceptance of what is. These have all been aspects I have deeply studied in my own life. 


I took yoga classes in my teen years, and again while at university (when only one american company was making the blue yoga mats!), I then did my first Vipassana at 18 years old and started a  B.A. in Eastern philosophy that took me to Japan. I spent some time practicing Bikram hot yoga. And at the end of my twenties spent time in the Sivananda Ashram and did a teacher and advance teacher training. I spent many years deepening my practice with Ashtanga teachers Iain Grysack and Chad Herst in Auroville (India). When pregnant and with young toddlers I always fell back to a kundalini approach (the "householder approach"), it seemed to have helped me accept that I could not always keep a deep meditative practice.

I am thankful to all of those who have and are journeying with me, as teachers, fellow practitioners or students. It is all a dance and roles interchange at times!



Classes with Juliette Anglehart Zedda











Noon Yoga classes


Explore a traditional hatha class and develop a practice that will help you get a better sense of a spiritual practice. This class will both relax and energize you at the same time! Feel free from the ruminating mind. Your lunch hour will never have been so fruitful!

Thursdays (Depending on the interest)

Learn the basics of Ashtanga yoga and develop a practice that is based on proper alignment. Feel strong and empowered. There are always the morning Ashtanga group if you fall in love with this practice! (like I did!) 

You and Me Yoga (once a month pre-registered)

Fridays 7-9PM

The last Friday of every month. Come with a friend, a lover or a spouse. That person can be from the same gender or different gender, younger or older, more flexible or less flexible...It all does not matter as long as you feel at ease being touched by them and touching them. These sessions will bring you closer and will certainly make you feel alive. 

Fee: $35 for a quality evening (the fee is for 2 people)

Expressive Arts Group

Stay tune for more sessions

You can also require a session for your team

Discover and experience yourself and others in surprising ways. We will use experiential exercises with sound, movement, creative arts, journaling, yoga, relaxation and meditation to refresh our sense of self, heal and rejuvenate.

Open to all ages and "artistic skills" do not mean anything.

The first week-end we will explore with writing /The second week-end with sound/and the last week-end with movement Special Guests will join us every week-end.


Classes with the Ashtanga Yukon Collective: Mondays-Fridays 6:30-8:30AM/Sundays 7:00-1oAM

Mysore-style classes Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays

Open Practice Tuesdays-Thursdays-Sundays

Led Primary Series First Friday of the Month

Students practice the Ashtanga sequence individually and at their own pace while instructors move around the room and work with students, one on one | students are welcome to arrive and begin their practices at any time during scheduled Mysore hours | about Mysore-style practice.

Awesome for all levels (Ashthanga series cheat sheets provided)!


led primary series classes 

An instructor guides the class through primary series collectively and at the same pace | students are encouraged to arrive and get settled prior to the scheduled start time | class starts with an opening chant.

Some prior experience with Ashtanga is recommended before attending a led class as it moves quickly

open practice days 

The studio is open, but no teacher is scheduled. Members of the collective are in the studio practicing on these days, and are happy to answer questions and provide assistance | students are welcome to arrive and begin their practices at anytime during scheduled open studio hours.

open to all levels, though some familiarity with Ashtanga is helpful

moon day restorative 

Days when an instructor guides the class through a slow-paced & gentle physical practice, and perhaps also some gentle breathing exercises and sitting meditation | more about moon days.


Monthly unlimited | $100  {valid one month from payment date}

Weekly unlimited | $55  {valid Sunday-Friday of payment week}

10 class pass | $135  {valid 1 year from payment date}

Single drop-in | $15  {valid on the day of purchase}

Single open practice* | $5  {valid on the day of purchase}

Classes with Tammy Reis

Tammy was first introduced to the Ashtanga Vinyasa system of yoga in 2005 by Juliette at her Shanti Yoga studio. This inspired me to learn more about this system of yoga, and so began my journey with my teacher, Iain Grysak, and the development of my decade long personal practice. Before starting my day as a child therapist and social worker, I enjoy practicing in the mornings with my fellow yogis that are a part of the Ashtanga Yukon Collective. Yoga helps me to cultivate a clarity of mind and a sense of calm that benefits my daily life and ability to demonstrate compassion and kindness to others. I love yoga!!


I am a registered yoga teacher (200 hours) with the Yoga Alliance.

Introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Starting January 18th-March 29th

Thursdays 7-8:30PM

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga connects breath and movement to develop flexibility, strength in both body and mind, and self-awareness. Join me on Mondays to add an energetic boost to the beginning of your week. While this form of yoga is flowing and can be vigorous, practitioners can and are encouraged to move at a pace suitable for them in the moment. Modifications to poses help make Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga accessible to all.


Fees: $165 for the evening classes (11 weeks)

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