The wonderful teachers

Tammy Reis

I was first introduced to the Ashtanga Vinyasa system of yoga in 2005 by Juliette at her Shanti Yoga studio. This inspired me to learn more about this system of yoga, and so began my journey with my teacher, Iain Grysak, and the development of my decade long personal practice. Before starting my day as a child therapist and social worker, I enjoy practicing in the mornings with my fellow yogis that are a part of the Ashtanga Yukon Collective. Yoga helps me to cultivate a clarity of mind and a sense of calm that benefits my daily life and ability to demonstrate compassion and kindness to others. I love yoga!!


I am a registered yoga teacher (200 hours) with the Yoga Alliance.

Juliette Anglehart Zedda

I found yoga in my father's books when I was a child. I was highly interested because I was not very good with sports and I could easily do the lotus and that really impressed adults. I also was attracted by the mystical aspects of yoga, it was all that supernatural stuff that kids like. I took my first Hatha yoga class at 13 years old, I was really impressed how one leg could be longer than the other just after doing some poses. I took other yoga classes at university but truly got a regular practice when I registered for a Bikram challenge when I was 27. I then went for a teacher training at 28 with the Sivananda International Ashrams. I learnt Ashtanga with Iain Grysack and deepened my practice in Auroville with the Ashtanga teacher Chad Herst.

I enjoyed various other yoga styles such as Kundalini, Anusara, and Jivamukti. Some practices were easier when pregnant and others enabled me to have the kids around me as I practiced. Yoga has been my saving grace all along. I would have lots of back pain without my practice, I would be aggressive, frustrated, and I would certainly feel very empty. 

The yoga I found in my father's books took me on a long journey and I was blessed to bring all those gifts back to my father as he was passing away in 2010. I assisted him in profound Savasana when he was in tremendous pain with bone cancer.

Yoga can be at the heart of all our experiences if we choose so.

Yukon Ashtanga Collective

For us, ASHTANGA vinyasa yoga is a flowing form of yoga that connects breath, movement, and awareness to develop flexibility and strength in body and mind…

Our COLLECTIVE is made up of a community of dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioners who share and support one another in practice through the cold, dark days of winter as well as the beautiful, endless days of summer…waking in the wee hours of the morning to practice together is not so much a question for us as it is a given…

Our COLLECTIVE is sustained by students of all levels, visiting teachers from near & far, and a whole lot of gratitude & heart .

Yukon teachers: Heather Johnson, Shannon Clohosey, Trish Newport, Karen McColl, Tammy Reis, Barbara Frain Gower

Leticia Valadan

I am passionate about learning, studying, and practicing, yoga philosophy.

Yoga has been an integral part of my life for over 20 years. It has helped me to grow stronger, be more balanced, present, connected and live my life more mindfully.

I completed my 200 hours Sivananda Hatha Yoga Training in Val-Morin, Canada and my 500 hours Advanced Teacher Training in Madurai, India.

I also completed a Chakra Balancing certificate and I am studying to become a Master Empowerment Coach for women. Helping women, especially moms, to live a more balanced and mindful life is one of my passions too.

As a single mom I have experienced first hand he challenges and beauty of motherhood. Yoga has always been my internal GPS helping me to be more balanced, present and become a better mom.

I love to share the knowledge of Yoga with my clients and help them experience the many benefits Yoga can have on their life.

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