Conversation about death

February 25, 2017


I received from one my valued life mentor an email that left me reflecting (February 24th 2017)


The subject was: "Dear, dear friends"


"I'm in a process of end-of-life planning -- even though that time is not considered to be imminent... but, I'm a (recovering?) Virgo, a planner, an organizer, and interested in communicating... so please indulge me and read the attached.

I look forward to hearing from you, with a hopeful "dead-line" of March 15, so I can continue with other facets of planning!

Thank you, in loving spirit, Georgia"


She was asking her friends assistance in planning her last moments in this human form.


Of course I responded right away:

Subject: "Count me in!


Hello Georgia,

i have always thought i would want to be by your side if your final moments came before mine. And i would want you by my side if my passing was happening before you. Of course, death could also be something that happens suddenly, and i like to think that in the fraction of second when parting i will be aware of what is happening and will feel the support and love from all those who have journeyed with me, and that is you. You, in flesh or mind, you, alive or already elsewhere. So YES, i want to accompany you anytime, and i want you to also be part of my parting. I feel honoured that we have this mutual recognition and love.

I can help orchestrating schedules too!"


Being an amazing practitioner of the Right Use of Power, she asked me:

"What a beautiful response from you, Juliette! Count me in for you as well, as you have so eloquently described!Are you OK with my sharing your name and contact info on a list available to all on the list?Thanks for also offering to help with scheduling, if needed!Trust all is well with you... in loving spirit, Georgia"


I responded back with a poem I had written in a poetry workshop that week-end. Much of what I wrote that week-end was tinted with thoughts for Georgia.

Subject: "Yes I am ok with you sharing my personal info on your list".


Georgia, here is a poem that I wrote last week-end during our poetry intensive in my Expressive Arts diploma at EXA

I could see how much it was inspired by you.

xxxxx juliette"


It was written: 


"From all of us with Love


It read on one of the grave stone in the cemetery

No names. No dates.

A beautiful stone, nothing like marble

More like a fusion of Jade and Agathe.

Something never seen in a cemetery

I stopped running

There were clovers growing all around the stone

And even over it

What surprised me for some reason,

It all looked so lively and even joyful

I laid down right there to immerse myself in feelings I could not rationalize

Here I was, laying down over someone's last remain

And I was feeling liberated to lose myself

Into their past and my future"


She quickly responded back that same day:

"Thank you for your reply to my questions. Your poem brought a cry of tears mixed from loss, melancholy, tenderness, joy and opening. This is exquisite, Juliette! I somehow would like to integrate it into my collection of "End-of-life Sayings" -- bits I have collected that I might like to have included in a "memorial" or something. The use is undecided, but may I include it in this collection of mine?

In loving spirit, Georgia"


I responded with other ideas in mind:


"I just thought that this conversation you initiated would benefit the whole Hospice community. I don't know if you would agree to see our little correspondance in their next journal? It would be very fulfilling to me. ;) juliette xxxx"


She answered back:


"Dear Juliette,

I am heartened by the idea to share this exchange between the two of us with a wider group of interested people... the more "education" out there the better, for various ways/examples of how to enter into end-of-life conversations, connections, opportunities, etc.

You know "the inner workings" of Hospice better than I do, so I suppose you would know how/where to submit it?  Are you thinking of the Hospice Yukon community, or something wider?


It does feel like this exchange between us is quite intimate, and I wonder if the editor of a journal/newsletter might want to use our actual names or some substitute names... I am fine either way, and you can decide how you feel about that and how to submit it.  

Please keep me in the loop if you do submit it...

I continue to treasure our relationship!

In loving spirit, Georgia"


I answer here to her last email:


Thank you Georgia,

thank you for all that you have given me, given us. 

We both know that there are no final words.

Just an ongoing relationship that will not end with one of us dying.

A beautiful honouring of light, truth and the divine. 









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