Rental Fees


There are four rental spaces: 2 clinical rooms and one bigger gathering open room. There is one washroom and an entry space. Every guest who rents a space is entitled to use yoga props, chairs and long folding tables. Please contact us to inquire about available spaces for your needs!

Main Street office

This space has big windows and can be rented with furniture (2 chairs and table, lamp) or not.

Full time rental (40 hrs/weekly) $800 a month

Part-time (30 hours/weekly $650) a month

$40 an hour

Front Street office


This space is lit by natural light provided by frosted double glass doors that divides both clinical rooms.

It has a massage table, chairs, a table, washer and dryer, sink and storage space.

Full time rental is $650 a month

Part-time 30 hours weekly is $500

$30 an hour


Sun Room

This room is 750 square feet and enables 25 people to sit at tables comfortably or 22 people can lay down on yoga mats or 40 people to sit on chairs or on zafus or bolsters! This room is very sunny, all windows open unto main street, it is located right above Baked cafe and has a view on Grey mountain and the Yukon river.

1 hour: $65

1 hour and half: $75

2 hours: $100

3 hours: $165

A block of 8 hours:  $350 

A whole day: $500 (day and evening)

Please note that there is a set up fee of $50 to set or unset tables/table cloth and chairs for your meetings.


Gift cards from Baked Cafe can be purchased ahead. You have the option of buying individual cards for people attending the meeting or one card for the entire group. It is a new concept to have participants walk, talk, and choose their own food at their convenience at the cafe.

grace space

Horwood mall


Updated August 2019-Grace Space