Grace Space is a studio space centrally located on Main Street Whitehorse just above Baked Cafe.


It is a space where transformation happens and where one can feel free from judgements and expectations. It is a soulful place where we cultivate inner life and harvest awareness.


You might visit Grace Space for the time of a class, a workshop or a special event, or you might choose to be the one offering a class, a workshop or an event.


The space is bright, open, visible and accessible. It provides wellness props, an office space, washroom, massage table, and table and chairs.   


Mission Statement 

We welcome people from all walks of life, ethnicity or faith because we believe that all experiences are valuable and meaningful and everyone has wisdom worth sharing. We provide and hold a space so that people’s connectedness with themselves, others and the divine can flourish.

grace space

Suite 200 Horwood mall



Updated August 2019-Grace Space