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I am in the process of writing a thesis on "the importance of playfulness and non-dualism when serving in the world, an expressive arts vision". I am attending EGS, the European Graduate School of Expressive Arts in Saas Fe, Switzerland. 


Certification fall of 2018

Expressive Arts Therapy

I did a diploma with the Vancouver School of Expressive Arts (2016-2017). I am now looking at registering in a PHD with the European Graduate School (EGS) in 2018.


I did my Master degree in Counselling Psychology with Athabasca University (2012-2015). And numerous trainings (trauma and crisis, refugees mental health/ PTSD, addiction, First Nation Cultural Safety course, Children and teenagers mental health, etc). 

Psychosomatic Therapies: Rolfing, Cranio Sacral and Hakomi

I studied Rolfing with the Rolfing Institute in several countries from 2002-2006 and have been practising ever since. I discovered  Cranio-Sacral trainings with the Milne Institute starting in 2007.  I took part in a couple of Hakomi trainings in 2008 and am still keen on organizing a Hakomi training in Whitehorse.

Yoga & Meditation

  • I took my beginner teacher training with the Sivananda International Yoga Ashrams in Val-Morin, Quebec 2003 and the advanced training in Nassau, Bahamas in 2005 for a total of 500 hours (RYS).  And then took several intensive with Sabu Chaitanya

  • I fell in love with Ashtanga yoga with Iain Grysak in Whitehorse, Mark Darby in Montreal and Chad Herst in Auroville, India

  • I studied Chakras with Judith Anodea in Whitehorse

  • I enjoyed Anusara with several teachers but mainly with Christine Price-Clarke in Whitehorse

  • I embraced yoga with Sarana in Haines, Alaska, USA

  • I took a workshop with Peter Sterios the owner of Manduka Yoga

  • I took part in my first Vipassana retreat at the age of 20 in 1994 and did several retreats afterwards where I served or sat

  • And many more workshops but I have never been very good at remembering 

Marriage Commissioner

My mentor Eleanor Velarde (Hodiyin) is the one who inspired me to become a marriage commissioner. She got us married in 2007 and since that ceremony I have been walking in her foot steps and have married a dozen of couples of all ages, genders, and origins. 


I took a training with local midwife Heather Ashthorn in 2007. Since then I have  accompanied a dozen women and their family and have delivered 3 kids of my own.


I did a bachelor of arts at Trent University in Eastern philosophy and Cultural Studies and went ton an exchange to Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan.

I did two diplomas at Laval University in Quebec city, one in Communication and one Visual arts.





French, English and Spanish





Expressive Therapies Diploma (September 2016 – June 2017)

Vancouver School of Expressive Arts, Vancouver


Strengthening Connections: Developing Supportive Counselling Skills. Train the trainer workshop (December 2016)

Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI), Health and Social Services and Kwanlin Dun First Nations, Haines Junction and Whitehorse, Canada


First Nations Cultural Safety Courses (July and August 2016)

Yukon Health and Social Services, Yukon College and British Columbia Health Services, online course and course in Whitehorse, Canada


Understanding addictions online course (July 2016)

Canadian Mental Health Association


Mental Health in the workplace (November 2015 and March 2016) 

Human Resources Management Association and Canadian Mental Health Association, Whitehorse, Canada


Leadership Forum (November 2015)

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, Ottawa, Canada


Living Life to the Full (Cognitive behavioural Therapy)

Canadian Mental Health Association- BC branch, Vancouver, Canada


Play therapy training  (April 2015)

Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute, Yukon, Canada


Master degree in Counselling Psychology (2012-2015)

Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada


Children Mental Health facilitator training: Handle with Care Program  (September 2014)

Child Development Centre, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada


Adult Mental Health Safety Training (October 2011)

Partenariat Communaute en Sante, Yukon, Canada


Cranio-Sacral Work Training (2007 – current)

Milne Institute, California, USA


Volunteer Training (2009-2010)

Hospice Yukon, Yukon, Canada


Hoffman Process (May 2008)

Hoffman Institute, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Hakomi Body-centered Psychotherapy training (November 2008)

Shanti Yoga, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada


Outdoor Leadership Training: Hiking and River Canoeing (May 2007)

National Outdoor Leadership School, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada


Nia Fitness Instructor Training (October 2007)

Nia Technique Inc., Portland, U.SA


Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (February 2005)

Sivananda Yoga International Ashrams, Nassau, Bahamas


Basic Yoga Teacher Training (August 2003)                                                              

Sivananda Yoga International Ashrams, Val-Morin, Quebec, Canada


Intensive Business Entrepreneur Program (May 2003)

Dana Naye Ventures, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada


Rolfing Structural Integration (2002 – 2006)

Colorado, USA; Sidney, Australia; Munich, Germany


Visual Arts Certificate (1999)                                                                                                      

Laval University, Quebec, Canada


Journalism & Communication Certificate (1998)

Laval University, Quebec, Canada


Bachelor Degree in Cultural Studies and Eastern Philosophy (1994 – 1998)

Trent University, Ontario, Canada


Asian Studies Program (September – December 1997)

Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka, Japan


AFS- 1 Year cultural exchange (1991)

Caracas, Venezuela


Spanish summer intensive (July 1990)

College Maisonneuve, Alicante, Spain 




Alcohol Drugs and Services (Yukon Government) Contractual teaching mindfulness and embodiment, Yukon, Canada (September 2016-Now).


Yukon Human Rights Commission (YHRC) Contractual for public education in the area of sexual harassment prevention and consent training, Yukon, Canada (October 2016).


Mental Health Association Yukon (MHAY) Contractual facilitating mental health (LLTTF) to teenagers in local high schools, Yukon, Canada (October – December 2016).


Mental Health Association Yukon (MHAY) Program Director Yukon, Canada (September 2015-September 2016). I facilitate and manage the delivery of the mental health educational course “Living Life to the Full” (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ). The course is designed for people struggling with mild to moderate anxiety, and depression. I follow up with participants and lead a support group. I organize events such as the Mental Health Awareness week, I manage our sources of funding such as the Community development Fund budget, I write reports, I evaluate courses with the Warwick assessment scale, I hire staff, I am in charge of memberships, I research future programs and services for the Yukon, I network with other local non-profit organizations, I promote mental health throughout the Yukon, I work with board members.


Rolfing Studio/Grace Space: Body-centered psychotherapy (Counselling and psychosomatic therapies) and management of a shared clinical space for a naturopath and other practitioners, Yukon, Canada (2003- current). I work with clients who suffer from stress and anxiety, trauma, abuse or depression. I also work with clients living with chronic illnesses, consistent pain and discomfort or injuries.


Child Development Center practicum placement: Yukon, Canada (2014-2015).

I worked with families of children from age 0-5 years old. I acted as a developmental therapist helping young clients learn about emotional and behavioural management. I assisted parents with educational tools, informing them on the natural developmental stages.


Shanti Yoga: Creation and managing of a wellbeing studio, Yukon, Canada (2006-2010). Yoga and fitness classes, coordination of special events and workshops (Hakomi, Mindfulness based stress reduction technique, Thai yoga massage for couples, Japanese tea ceremonies, etc.).

I taught various styles of yoga, meditation and relaxation to different audiences, high school students, daycare children, teachers, pregnant women, mother and babies, men, seniors, etc.


Canadian Federal Government/ Canadian Heritage: Program Technician delivering services and special events information such as Canada Day, Aboriginal Day, St-Jean-Baptiste to communities in the Yukon, Canada (2002-2003).


Teaching French second language to adults / Yukon government

Yukon, Canada (2001-2002)


Coordination of events, Francophone Games

Ovatio Leroux Inc., Ottawa, Canada (2001)


Substitute Teacher in French classes and French immersion / YTG

Yukon, Canada (2001-2002)


Media Relations Consultant/Translator, Sister Cities Project Whitehorse-Lancieux

Yukon, Canada – Lancieux, France (2000)


Coordination of the teenager’s National Forum: “French for the future”

Yukon, Canada (2000)


Language Monitor Program, assisting French teachers.

Peterborough, Canada (1996-1998)





Certification with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapists Association (CCPAP) (May 2015)

Membership with the Canadian Psychologists Association (CPA) (January 2015)

Membership with the Canadian Rolfing Association (CRA) (2008 – 2015)





Doula work (2007-now)

I accompany pregnant women & their partner (when there is one). I help pregnant women prior to birth, at the time of birth and afterwards. Help is provided through listening, counselling & being present for them.


Les Essentielles (2012-2014)

I acted as president of a women advocacy group helping promote women’s rights. This group contributes to various programs helping women strive.


Marriage Commissioner (2009-now)

I perform marriages with heterosexual or gay couples wanting to recognize, and celebrate their union. I meet with couples, get a sense for their relationship, values, beliefs and principles. I then help with envisioning and leading the ceremony.


Yoga classes & therapeutic sessions (2002-now)

At times I offer my work to contribute to good causes or to provide fund raising to organizations. For example: Run for Mom (Cancer prevention), Healthy Mom & Babies, MaCaulay Lodge etc.


Palliative care (2009-now)

I volunteer with Hospice Yukon to help support the dying and the grieving ones and to educate on the dying process.


Mother Goose teacher: “Les contes de la Mere l’Oie”. (2000)

I volunteered leading the Mother goose program in French at the public library. I taught songs and stories to various parents and their children.





Body-centered psychotherapy (psychosomatic & counselling psychology)

I make use of various theoretical approaches such as: Rolfing Structural Integration, Cranio-Sacral work, client-centered approach, mindfulness, yoga, holistic health (the biopsychosocial model), systemic models, existential therapy, the Hakomi method, feminist therapy, expressive therapies, and cognitive behavioural therapy. Clients come for one or many sessions depending on their needs, once or every week, month or season. Clients seek sessions after an emotional trauma, a physical accident or to relieve their feelings of stress and anxiety. Clients also seek sessions as self-discovery, personal development, and growth.


Teaching yoga 

I offer various types of yoga classes to various individuals or groups: teenagers, seniors, prenatal & postnatal, kids, and therapeutic yoga.


Marketing & networking

Self-employment relies on a constant expression of the business’ identity and the promotion of its services.


Communication skills, record keeping & confidentiality

There are many ways to reach out to clients and students: the usual phone calls, emails and text messages. Clients are also kept informed with intakes, evaluation and feedback forms, plans, strategies and goals recordings.  Confidentiality is respected according to the ethical code of the Canadian Psychological Association.


Managing & Bookkeeping

I plan, organize and record my activities every day.


Basic maintenance & creation of the space

I keep the space clean, welcoming and inspiring.


Self-improvement & Education

I keep updated through personal research of academic websites and researches, books, conferences, & workshops are also an important part of continuing education.


grace space

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