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You come to me in need for clarification, orientation, insight or creativity. I provide a space where anything goes. You are welcome to let loose and finally be yourself for a change or completely not be "yourself" for a few minutes! 

I highlight what you are telling me, I invite silence where needed and words when there has been none.

We create perspective, an horizon for you to reach. 


In other words,  I work with all dimensions of your Being: spiritual, emotional, intellectual/mental, physical and social. I am interested by how we can help you find meaning and fulfillment. In my work, I use various modalities: mindfulness being a pillar, body-centred psychotherapy (I witness how you move and notice information that is unconsciously held in your body), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (positive thinking!), Solution Focused (we make plans) and expressive art therapies (we tap into the subconscious and the potential of the imaginary to heal).

I have worked with couples, individuals feeling broken down (nervous breakdown, depression, low moods, lack of direction), individuals having to manage chronic illnesses or disabilities, people grieving loved ones or pets, children with special needs or temper, and teenagers struggling with all the social pressure of that stage of development. I have worked with First Nations in the communities and celebrate each one's unique way of honouring traditions.

Sessions are 1 hour at the cost of $120. I am certified with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and Workers Compensation Board. Great West Life recognizes my services and reimburses partly the fees.

A few words about Expressive Arts Therapy

I strongly believe that Expressive Arts are a necessary response to social emptiness, disconnectedness and substance abuse (including over consumption). 

Words for the right brain:

-It brings you back to your senses (and the famous "now")

-It is witnessing with  acceptance and non-judgement

-It is a dance with the unknown, the unpredictable and uncontrollable

-It is the discovery of the imaginary, the mystical, magical and sublime 

-It is welcoming any emotion without preference (sometimes they all surface at once)

-It is embracing all dimensions of self and others

-It is letting go of how we do things (thinking, walking, eating...)

-It is certainly playful even when it is serious

-It is profound and light, it is a meeting with divine intelligence! 


Words for the left brain:

the approach with expressive arts therapy prepares the ground so that people do not feel pushed into creation. Temptation happens in very interesting ways. Various media (intermodal): visual arts, drama, movement, installation, writing, sound, dance, storytelling are offered as ways to explore individually and collectively. There is a very strong structure that provides safe boundaries and regulations so that people can tap into more freedom within a contained space. Ethics, rules and clear guidance help with bringing the group together in a supportive environment conducive to growth and wisdom. 

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